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Your Muse and Where It Takes You

White Trees, Series 2, No. 5

White Trees, Series 2, No. 5

When people ask me about my work (which isn’t that often, but does happen now and then), more often than not they ask me about my White Trees series.  These images seem to be among the more popular that I do, and often the question is along the lines of why I don’t do more of them.

Thing is, I don’t really know.

I started this series back in 2012 (if memory serves), and they were among the first black and white images I did, from photograph to print, that I was really happy with.  For personal technical and artistic reasons, I might even go so far as to call them a turning point in my photography.  I like these images a lot, but for some reason, after an initial flurry of activity, I  just have not felt compelled to work on them much over the last couple of years.  My muse was leading me in different directions, and I’ve learned there’s no point in fighting her on this.  You can’t force inspiration, and if the time is not right to be working on something, then there’s no point in trying to work on it.

I came across the RAW file for the image in this post a few weeks ago pretty much by happenstance, as I was in the process of looking for something else that I was going to work on (this happens quite a lot with my work, by the way).  When I saw this capture, for some reason right at that specific time and moment, it really jumped out at me.  My muse practically ordered me to work on it, right then and there.

So I did.  And now I’m able to add one more image to the White Trees series.  I’m happy to follow my muse wherever she takes me, and delighted she has led me back to this body of work once again.

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