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The Pull

Architecture Study Series 1, No. 8 (Julie Penrose Fountain)

Architecture Study Series 1, No. 8 (Julie Penrose Fountain)
Colorado Springs, Colorado 2014

There’s lots of things in life you have to push yourself to do – paying the bills, going to the dentist, picking up groceries.  Often, even when people tell me about things they do for fun – participating in sports, playing music, practicing photography – I get the feeling they have to push themselves to do those things as well.  These are the kinds of people who play their sport once or twice a year, or haven’t picked up their musical instrument in six months, or who only dust off their camera for vacations or special occasions.

The people I know who are really in to what they do feel a compulsion to do it.  They don’t have to push themselves, the activity pulls them in.  For me, the pull is all about the process – seeing something interesting, capturing it with a camera, and working on the capture to realize a print.  I don’t even hang my own work on my own walls – not because I don’t like it or think that it’s not good, but because the pull isn’t about the finished product, it’s about the feeling of being engaged in the process.

Just one person’s observation, of course.  In your own life, what is it that pulls on you?

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