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That Little Voice

Shadowy Trees, Snowy Ridge Summit County, Colorado, 2015

Shadowy Trees, Snowy Ridge
Summit County, Colorado, 2015

So here it is, July in Colorado, with temperatures today in the low 90s F, and I’m posting an image that’s all about snow.  Why is that?  You can blame the little voice in my head.

See, I had another image all lined up and ready to go.  A very nice image that was photographed just a few weeks ago in Rocky Mountain National Park.  An image that I had convinced myself was done, finished, perfectly good and ready for prime time.

And yet, just when I was getting ready to pull the trigger on this post, I looked at my image and realized I was ignoring the little voice in my head.  The little voice that was saying “it’s close, but something’s off.”  That insistent, persistent little voice that said “look at that one thing, you know what I’m talking about, it’s not quite right, fix it now before you post this, you’ll regret it later if you don’t.”

It’s easy to ignore that little voice.  Sometimes you want to like an image so much, you convince yourself that the little voice isn’t right, that it doesn’t know what it’s talking about, that it wouldn’t recognize a good photograph if one came up and bit it.  But the problem is, the little voice pretty much always is right about these things.  You ignore it at your peril.  Annoying though it can be, the little voice has your best interests at heart, and seldom will lead you astray.

And so I pulled the image I was going to post so that I can work on it some more, and decided to post this one instead.

If you’re still reading this little missive, then please don’t hold the fact that the image here is a substitute against it.  This image is every bit as good as the other.  I was going to post it at a future date, with its own write-up and everything.  It’s patiently been waiting its turn in my queue of finished images to post.  That fact that it’s stepping in today is nothing but testimony to its worthiness.  I know I’m right, because the little voice in my head agrees.

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