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Five Day Challenge: Day One

Silo No. 1 Near Loveland, Colorado, 2014

Silo No. 1
Near Loveland, Colorado, 2014

So you may not know this, but Google+ has a fairly robust community of fine art photographers, and I’m somewhat active on that site.  My friend and fellow Colorado-based photographer Adam Williams nominated me for something called the Five Day Challenge, wherein the challenge is to post five black and white photographs in five days.  I accepted, which is kind of foolish for me since I only average posting a new photograph once every couple of weeks or so.  Still, I’m in it now, so here goes.

Since Adam and I both enjoy photographing the “non-mountain” part of our state, I thought I would begin with this image of what I presume to be a grain silo.  Grain silos are a pretty common sight on Colorado’s eastern plains, though most don’t look quite like this one.  Hope you enjoy, see you tomorrow!

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