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White Trees, Series 2, No. 6

White Trees, Series 2, No. 6

The image in this post is my most recent addition to my White Trees series. The White Trees series is an interesting one to me, because it represents my longest sustained effort on a single photographic subject.  The first images in this series were among the first black and white images I ever made.

Since then, I feel I’ve done a lot of growing as photographer.  I’ve learned new things about fieldwork and image editing, I’ve explored a variety of landscapes and other types of subjects, and I’ve learned about the different approaches and philosophies taken by other photographers and artists practicing their disciplines.  During this time, I’ve continued to photograph these trees in a steady and sustained way, simply because they continue to hold my interest.

As I’ve changed as a photographer, I wonder if those changes are noticeable in this series?  To me, the series as a whole still has a cohesive look and feel, so I’m pleased that I’m still able to tap into the concept that holds it all together.  When I look closely, though, I do think I see the evidence of how I’ve been changing as a photographer.  I definitely feel I’m not the same photographer (person?) now that I was then, and it’s been interesting and instructive to reflect on that.

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