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Art Speaks Where Words Cannot Explain

Black Trees, Series 3, No. 3

So, I’m not going to pretend that a work of art is as important as a ventilator, or that the work of an artist is as important as the work of a doctor or an ICU nurse. Priorities have to be placed, and it’s obvious where priorities should now be falling.

Still, art does have its place and its value in a society.  As the title of this post says: art speaks where words cannot explain. If you have experienced art to enrich your life in good times, as I have, then no less can it be healing and comforting in bad times as well.

Consider saying thank you to an artist. Of if not a thank you, just a note of some kind to let them know you appreciate their work. Creating artwork can be a very lonely experience in the best of times, and working artists can very easily fall through the cracks when times are bad. Again, not to take away from the doctors, the nurses, and everyone else on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis. But a simple, quick, and heartfelt expression of appreciation to an artist whose work has reached you in some way will, at the very least, make their day.

And no, please don’t send me a thank you. I’m doing fine, and plus I don’t want this post to be misconstrued as trolling for compliments. Besides, I am for better or worse a bit of a lone wolf by nature – I probably wouldn’t know what to do with a compliment anyway.


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