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Everything in its Time

Triptych, Radiance No. 1

Triptych, Radiance No. 1

I remember the first black and white photograph I ever made, the one that really got me into photography in a serious way back in 2012, was an abstract triptych I made using an iPhone camera as the capture device.  For awhile, back then, I was really into these triptychs.  I made quite a few, and then, one day, nothing.  Completely lost my interest in them.  I still thought they were pretty cool, and tried from time to time to rekindle the magic, but I found I couldn’t make one worth anything even if I tried.  The interest and inspiration just wasn’t there.  Years went by.

And now, suddenly, they’re back.  Again, using an iPhone as the camera.  The interest and inspiration is there again.  I’m not sure what changed, nor how long they will be with me, but I’m happy they’re back.  Everything in its time, I guess.

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