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The Personal Post

The Church at Nambe Nambe, New Mexico, 2016

The Church at Nambe
Nambe, New Mexico, 2016

This is a blog about photography (well, my photography and my approach to it anyway), so I try not to write about other things, like personal issues that go on in my life.  However, my personal approach to practicing photography (or any art for that matter) is that you should be incorporating it into your daily life as a matter of course – in short, that you should live your art every day, just like you live your work, your health, your relationships, etc.

So, the truth is that if you’re doing it right, the one thing (e.g. photography) should be linked inextricably to the others (everything else you do that makes you who you are).  And that’s where things can get a bit messy, because when things start to go off the rails in other parts of your life, they necessarily will drag along the art part of your life with it.  And of course, things really can and do go off the rails sometimes.

I really have no lessons to offer here, no morals to teach, it’s just an observation.  I haven’t been posting much recently, and I may or may not be doing so for the foreseeable future.

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