Longs Peak, Advancing Clouds and Shadows Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, 2014

Longs Peak, Advancing Clouds and Shadows
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, 2014

Sometimes I feel like being a photographer is like leaving footprints in snow.

Most of my work ends up on my website or shared via social media.  Sometimes it is exhibited in galleries, and occasionally it gets published.

Who are the people who see it?  Are they young or old, men or women, inspired or dissatisfied?  Did they see it because they came looking for art, or did they see it by random chance?  Did they give it a quick glance and move on, or did they pause to let it sink in for a moment?  Did they remember it later, or did the impression fade away like snow on warm day?

Mostly I photograph for myself and my own reasons, and I don’t generally let the opinions of others sway the how or why of my doing it.  But I can’t help sometimes wondering about what kind of connection my work makes with others, if any – I think that’s only natural for anyone who chooses to put their work in front of an audience.

When I see footprints in snow, I sometimes wonder about the person who made them.  I wonder if that person also wonders about who might see the tracks they’ve made.

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