Parallel Worlds

San Jose de Gracia Church No. 2. Las Trampas, New Mexico, 2012.

San Jose de Gracia Church No. 2.
Las Trampas, New Mexico, 2012.

One thing I enjoy about photography is the sense of living in a parallel world.  What I mean by this is the ability to see things in a parallel way.  On one level, I certainly see the world in the work-a-day, get-around kind of way that everyone does.  But it’s also fun and enjoyable to see the world as a photographer, looking for and being struck by light and shadow, frame and composition, and so forth.

I think we all live in parallel worlds.  When I look at the San Jose de Gracia church, I see it as a work of visual art.  An engineer might see it in terms of load, structure, and dimension.  An historian might see it as representing the Spanish colonial influence in New Mexico.  A New Mexican might experience it with warmth and a feeling of home.

Living in parallel worlds like this gives everyone a unique perspective on the common world we all share.  Sharing these unique perspectives is one of the great joys of life.  Whatever your parallel world is, embrace it, live it, revel in it.

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