Some recent travels have me thinking about the role of perspective in photography.  If photography is the art of seeing, then your perspective will have a great impact on the work you produce.  When I travel somewhere new, naturally I tend to notice the things that are unique and different from my home.  This influences my choices in subject matter and presentation.  Traveling in Europe, for example, I might tend to focus on the great art, architecture, and culture that I would not otherwise find near my home in northern Colorado.

It occurred to me, however, that my home in Northern Colorado likely holds the same appeal for others who do not live here.  Certainly I know that people travel from around the country, and indeed around the world, to experience the natural scenery that is at my doorstep every day.  Their perspective as visitors to the place that is my home likely allows them to see the things I see every day with a different perspective.

I think it is important to be aware of what your perspective is, and to try to see things from a different point of view every one in awhile.  The tree in this post, “Black Tree No. 6,” is of a kind that is fairly common around where I live.  When I was photographing it, I recall that someone approached me and asked what I was pointing my camera at.  When I told them, they could not believe this tree would make a good photograph.  There is good photography available pretty much anywhere, though, if you have the perspective to see it.

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