Latest Work – “Sylvia’s Tree”

Sylvia's Tree

One of my favorite photographers, Cole Thompson, posted a recent entry on his blog describing “Five Great Locations for Great Images.”  You can read his blog post here.  I thought I would take the opportunity to follow his advice.  This tree is, quite literally, in my neighbor’s front yard.  In the several years I’ve been living at my current address, I’m sure I’ve seen it thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of times, under all sorts of lighting and weather conditions.  I’ve never before or since seen it quite like this, though.

It was a weekend night, and  I was returning home late after spending an evening with friends.  There was a full moon, and though it was fairly calm at ground level, there must have been a really driving wind at altitude, because the clouds were scooting across the sky like nobody’s business.  It was late, I was tired, and this was another one of those situations where I almost didn’t take the shot.  But the scene was such an unusual coming together of circumstances – the full moon, the storm clouds, and the wind and all – that I grabbed my camera out of my house, set up my tripod on my front lawn, and proceeded to capture several frames.  What a sight I must have been, shooting photographs with a tripod-mounted camera pointed at my neighbor’s yard late at night!  In any case, I wholly agree with Cole’s advice on great locations for great images – in this case, my neighbor’s yard!

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