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Feels Like EDM

I’ve been listening to a lot of EDM lately (that’s Electronic Dance Music – check out Deadmau5!).  It fascinated me to realize how much that kind of music makes me think of photography.  The way the music works there feels to me like the way light works in photographs.  The steady beats feel like the [...]

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Good is Good

I used to hold the opinion that “good is good.”  Specifically, I think there is a branch of criticism in the photography world (really, the art world in general) that cliched photographs of cliched subjects are per se bad, even if done very well.  Think photographs of sunsets over beaches, the Milky Way at night, [...]

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No Such Thing as Talent

I wonder if maybe there is no such thing as talent. Bear with me here.  Talent, in the dictionary I checked, is defined as a natural aptitude or skill.  It’s something you’re born with, you either have it or you don’t.  A talent for photography, for example, suggests that it would take less effort for [...]

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Stepping Back

It’s virtually impossible for me to view one of my own images without bringing along a lot of baggage.  By baggage, I mean the fact that I was there when the image was captured, I was there for all of the editing of the image, I was there for the first test print of the [...]

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One use for a camera is to create pictures as mementos – objects to keep as reminders of persons, places, or events.  In fact, I suspect that this is the most common use for cameras.  In the past, people kept photo albums precisely for this purpose, though today I presume image files on computers or [...]

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Price Discipline

I gave away for free a small print of the image in this post to a good friend of mine who voiced a special connection to the subject matter.  I do that kind of thing from time to time, and as the creator of these images, I’m happy to be in a position to do [...]

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I remember vividly the evening that the capture for this image was made.  The weather forecast called for thunderstorms in Rocky Mountain National Park.  This often is a bit risky from a photography standpoint, because it seems there’s about an equal chance of seeing something really cool happening with the conditions, or getting simply a [...]

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When Words Fail

One reason I like photography (and painting, and sculpture, and all of the visual arts, really) is that it is communication without words.  I suppose this concept is fairly obvious to understand, but really, it’s pretty deep with you think about it.  If you’ve been moved by a work of visual art (and I hope [...]

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My Work is Changing

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.  Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow.  Let reality be reality.  Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. – Lao Tzu My work is changing. I didn’t really notice it myself until a friend pointed it out, but now I can see [...]

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The Personal Post

This is a blog about photography (well, my photography and my approach to it anyway), so I try not to write about other things, like personal issues that go on in my life.  However, my personal approach to practicing photography (or any art for that matter) is that you should be incorporating it into your [...]

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